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Historic Mural Capital of Wisconsin since August 2005.

#1 Asaph Whittlesey Mural
101 West Main

(Question #11) The Asaph Whittlesey Mural depicts the Ashland National Bank as it appeared in 1892. The bank was located on the Main Street end of the building where the mural is painted. click here for map Treasure map

#2 Ellis Avenue
Historical Mural
101 West Main Street

(Question #12) Northland College’s Woods Hall, The Knight Hotel and the old Ashland High School. click here for map Treasure map

#3 Waitresses Mural
124 West Main Street

(Question #13) The owner of the building wanted to honor the woman who had raised him and had recently passed away. This photograph was taken in front of the building the mural was painted on in the ’40s. click here for map Treasure map

#4 Oredock Mural
301 West Main Street

(Question #14) The Ashland Oredock was built in 1916, measured out at 1,800 feet, and was the largest concrete dock in the world. A beloved landmark to the city of Ashland and its residents, it recalled a time past when shipping was such an integral part of Ashland. click here for map Treasure map

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