About the Artists

Susan Prentice Martinsen, of Ashland, Wis., has been painting murals in the Upper Great Lakes area since 1998.  In addition to her independent work, she and Kelly Meredith have produced 20 murals together, many of them the largest in the region.  Susan paints with a fluid, painterly style that emphasizes drawing and powerful lighting, which works well for the murals.

Kelly Meredith, of Butternut, Wis., works out of a studio that is housed in an abandoned section of the Butternut School.  She has been a full-time muralist since 2003.  Since then she has completed over 70 murals throughout the Upper Great Lakes region, largely in the area of historical/community-centered pieces.  Prior to her mural career, Kelly was a public school art teacher for many years, and owned a small T-shirt printing shop.

Mural Locations

Starting in southern Ashland county, follow State Hwy. 13 to view over 24 historical murals depicting life in Northern Wisconsin.

Ashland County Map murals of Butternut WI murals of Glidden WI murals of Marengo WI murals of Mellen WI murals of Ashland WI murals of Lapointe WI
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